Temporary changes to recycling pickup

The waste management company that services San Benito County recently changed its name to Recology to reflect its emphasis on recycling and waste reduction.

County staff announced March 31 that due to the COVID-19 stay-home orders in San Benito County, recycling pickup service will see some temporary changes. “To reduce employee exposure to COVID-19, Recology is requiring all extra recyclable material to be inside of the Recology cart in order to be serviced,” reads a county notice.

Cardboard must be broken down completely within the blue recyclable cart for pickup. Any cardboard outside the blue cart will no longer be picked up by Recology drivers. Clothes and textiles must be contained within a clear plastic bag inside the blue cart if customers want drivers to pick them up, county staff said.

Residents with extra recyclables can call Recology customer service at (831) 636-7500 for pickup within 48 hours. Drivers will continue to pick up batteries, used oil jugs and filters that are properly contained.


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