The following events, organizations and people deserved either a
Thumbs up or Thumbs Down this week.
The following events, organizations and people deserved either a Thumbs up or Thumbs Down this week.

THUMBS UP: For all those who ran in local elections this week. It’s hard work to campaign, and it’s even harder once in office. But the number of candidates in local races gave the voters some real choices about the direction they want take into the future. From school boards to the county supervisor, these individuals are the ones who keep the area up and running on a daily basis. Being in the public eye is never easy. The candidates deserve thanks for their desire to serve the community in effort to make San Benito County an even better place.

THUMBS UP: For the Gang Task Force which will hold a community forum on Nov. 17 to ask residents about the scope of Hollister’s gang problems and to begin looking for solutions. Police Chief Jeff Miller is exactly right when he says that we need to head off the problem before it becomes a crisis. The meeting is open to the public and will be at 6:30pm in the Veterans Memorial Building. For more details call the Hollister Police Depart at 636-4330.

ThUMBS UP: For exploring the idea of Transfer Development Credits in San Benito County. Essentially, the concept would allow owners of ag land to sell the development rights on their property to developers wanting to build elsewhere in the county. Though the jury is still out on the idea, the concept would encourage cluster housing in the county and preserve the beautiful open space cherished by so many. Though the TDC is still a ways away from a final vote, exploring it as an option is a good idea.

THUMBS UP: For Mayor Tony Bruscia and Councilman Tony Lobue. Though voters obviously thought it was a time for new blood and voted against the incumbents, the two council members devoted a large portion of their lives over the last four years to public service. Running a city – especially one facing budget problems and a sewer-induced building moratorium – is a tough job. But it doesn’t have to be thankless. Thank you for your time and your dedication to Hollister gentlemen.

THUMBS DOWN: For the last minute, deceitful telemarketing campaign against county supervisor candidate Anthony Freitas. A message left to voters in Board of Supervisors District 2 claimed it was a free San Benito County survey, then detailed a litany of false or inflated charges against Freitas. Anthony Botehlo, who won the election, said he had nothing to do with the calls. Whoever did it pulled a dirty trick to confuse voters in the last few days before the election and marred an otherwise clean campaign run by both candidates.

THUMBS UP: For the voters who passed Proposition 1A, the ballot measure that will keep the state from pilfering the budgets of local governments. Local governments provide the most essential services to tax payers and give them the greatest return on their tax dollars. Keeping the tax revenue close to home is an essential element in combating the wide-spread budget problems Hollister, San Juan Bautista and the county are facing.

THUMBS UP: For the many voters who found time Tuesday to head to the polls and make their voice heard. Although it’s easy to believe a single vote does not make a difference, collectively voters can make significant changes to the many governmental agencies that run cities, counties, states and the country. Our election process is the very heart of the democratic system and should be used by every citizen.

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