The following people, events and organizations deserved either a
Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down this week.
The following people, events and organizations deserved either a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down this week.

THUMBS UP: For Marley Holte’s relentless fight to establish a homeless shelter in San Benito County and the recent assistance provided by City Manager Clint Quilter. Quilter has helped in dealing with the Federal Aviation Administration over the use of the National Guard Armory at the Hollister Airport. Considering the funding for a winter shelter will come from a grant, the benefits of creating a shelter are far too many to ignore.

THUMBS UP: For the Hollister Police Department and their fitting tribute to a fallen friend. The officers treated the passing of Greg Cole, who volunteered for years at the department, like one of their own Friday, honoring him in with an officer’s burial.

THUMBS UP: For the city of Hollister for taking a gradual approach to raising water rates. Although rates undoubtedly must climb, spreading the impact over three years will make the transition far easier on local residents’ pocketbooks.

THUMBS DOWN: For the No Child Left Behind Act and its effect on rural schools. President George Bush’s educational program creates an onerous burden for rural schools whose scores can greatly fluctuate because of their small student populations. The act was intended to increase accountability in the education of our students nationwide, but when it comes to rural schools throughout San Benito County, the plan just doesn’t add up.

THUMBS UP: For Panoche School’s teacher Ottalie Davis for leading the students through a difficult time. When former teacher Linda Kitman died in a vehicle accident last year, the small school reeled from the tragedy. Now thanks to Davis, the students seem happy, excited and ready to learn.

THUMBS UP: For the California Highway Patrol, which handed out 37 tickets at the Don Pacheco Y last week. Officers were waiting to snag people who were stopping on Highway 156 to allow westbound drivers to make the turn onto Highway 152.

While stopping to allow a driver to make a left turn is a courteous thing to do, it can cause a nightmare of a traffic jam. Some days, the traffic can back up all the way to Gilroy, about 13 miles. Not to mention stopping on a major thoroughfare to let other drivers through is an accident waiting to happen. CHP officers say they will be back every so often to hand out tickets. So keep moving.

THUMBS UP: For San Benito High School, which acted quickly to remove the rumble strips on Nash Road that created a dangerous situation for the hundreds of students crisscrossing the street to get to their classes. Reporter Christine Tognetti wrote that cars were swerving into other lanes to avoid the strips, which were laid down to warn drivers that pedestrians were crossing. City officials say they will replace the strips with ones that cross the entire road to put an end to the danger.

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