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Vote yes on Propositions 46 and 47
The bond measure called Proposition 46 will address the increasing gap in the state between the supply of housing and the demands of California’s growing population.

This $2.1 billion bond measure will provide monies to help cities and counties meet their most critical needs, including affordable senior housing, a much-needed service in San Benito County, and low-income families.

The measure will also address emergency shelter beds and shelters for battered women and children.

More and more communities are unable to meet these needs without statewide aid, and insufficient housing produces problems for residents and the cities and counties in which they live.

Therefore, vote yes on Proposition 46 this Nov. 5.

Proposition 47, the $13 billion bond measure for education facilities, includes more than $11 billion for kindergarten through 12th-grade schools and more than $1.5 billion for higher education.

This is an area where California has failed to keep pace with the needs of its increasing population.

School enrollments are increasing and new classrooms are needed to keep class sizes manageable to the benefit of students.

This proposition, however, will help to close the gap, and help students, our future, and their education.

Therefore, vote yes on Proposition 47 this Nov. 5.

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