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Bill Mifsud: “I think Israel should keep one eye on Iran. This is a country with a lot of terrorist ties and their leader denied the Holocaust ever happened. Before a strike, they must have solid intelligence about their uranium enrichment facilities. If Iran continues to toy with the rest of the world then a strike is legit.”

Julie Morris: “Although it is understandable that Israel – and the world – is concerned about Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, it’s hard to see how a preemptive strike would lead to anything good. I think continued sanctions and pressure to engage in diplomatic peace talks should continue.”

Steve Staloch: “No. The economic sanctions against Iran are working but need to be strengthened, and while there is no guarantee a preemptive strike would be successful, there is a very high probability that such action would escalate into a large-scale Mideast war.”

Ruth Erickson: “The Israelis are in a horrendous position; Iran has already said they want to annihilate Israel. Israel and the rest of the world do not know if Iran’s uranium enrichment is for military munitions or, as Iran says, for medical and hospital uses. If either Iran or Israel decide to attack the other, it could start a middle East war, with devastating consequences, which would affect the rest of the world. It could ultimately lead to World War III.”

Nants Foley: “Though Isreal is not really interested in my opinion, here it is anyway! Israel should not start attacking other countries. Iran claims they are using nuclear energy as a power source, not as a potential weapon. An attack by Israel could unleash the Dogs of War.”

Marty Richman: “Not yet. An effective strike on Iran might cause Pakistan to disperse its nuclear arsenal for survivability. Less secure weapons in unstable Pakistan are a greater risk to Israel, but things can change rapidly.”

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