Water Cooler: Should photo IDs be required for voting?

Around the Water Cooler

Ruth Erickson: “State voter I.D. cards, which are required in several states, would only disenfranchise those trying to vote illegally. The I.D. cards should be required to keep the voting process legitimate.”

Louise Ledesma: “The Justice Department has rejected the voter ID law in South Carolina and I agree with them. The ID laws remind me of the poll taxes and literacy tests which were abolished during the Civil Rights movement. There should be registration to prevent people from voting 10 or 20 times, but we should try and encourage people to vote.”

Jae Eade: “All unions require photo I.D.s to vote in union elections, so why shouldn’t voters for all political offices?”

Marty Richman: “The entire election process requires integrity – identification is a critical component of that.”

Richard Place: “Yes, and they shouldn’t be allowed to complain at public meetings and participate in demonstrations unless they voted.”

Nants Foley: “Voter fraud is inevitable.  As soon as a safeguard system is in place, a method of circumvention will be found. I don’t believe the cost of implementation is justified. As to the issue of disenfranchisement, anyone who values the right to vote will make every effort to do so.”


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