Water officials tour plant sites, get briefing

Visitors tour the inside of the Pacheco Pumping Plant, near the San Luis Reservoir. The 12 large pumps in the left of the photo pump water west through the Pacheco Tunnel and Pacheco Conduit, where it is diverted into the Hollister and Santa Clara conduit

City leaders, members of local water boards and agency staff participated in a tour and overview of the Hollister area’s water system recently, getting a first-hand look at the community’s major water source, seeing how the water is treated and transported, and learning about planned improvements, according to the Water Resources Association of San Benito County.

The tour and orientation, held Feb. 25, was an introduction of the Hollister Urban Area Water Project – a joint effort by the City of Hollister, Sunnyslope County Water District and the San Benito County Water District. The project builds on many years of previous efforts by local water officials to create a sustainable water supply for the greater Hollister area, according to the water association.

Guests visited the site of the planned West Hills Water Treatment Plant (near the San Justo Reservoir), then drove over the Pacheco Pass to the Pacheco Pumping Station near the San Luis Reservoir, and finished the day with a tour of the Lessalt Water Treatment Plant. The event was designed to give elected officials a broader view of Hollister’s water system and illustrate why the plan is needed.


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