Senior Noah Janzing poses with Kiwi the Heritage Hog.

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Some pig: Kiwi the pig is worth more than the average car. As this year’s Heritage Hog, she could fetch over $80,000 at the San Benito County Fair in September. At least that’s the hope of her 17-year-old caretaker, Noah Janzing. More.



1633hol_SanBenito_latte1Latte art: At the Latte Art Throwdown in San Juan Bautista, humble baristas one-upped the classics by giving the crowd art they could drink. Latte art is a technique of pouring milky microfoam onto the pale brown crema of a freshly-pulled espresso shot. Depending on foam density, the pourer can create layered patterns. Hearts, rosettas and tulip stacks are popular designs, and frequently show up on Instagram. More.

Tonya Hernandez. Photos by Robert Eliason.

Antique city: With a mission in town that dates back to 1797, it’s no surprise San Juan is an antique hotbed. Last Sunday, the town’s Rotary Club hosted the 52nd annual Antiques and Collectibles Fair for a crowd from all over the Bay Area. More.




Growing skyward: It’s mid-August, and for avid gardeners this means tiptoeing over tangled watermelon and winter squash vines and arms stained green up to the elbows from reaching into crowded tomato cages. As the temperature rises, it seems like there’s just no stopping the veggies. Even gardeners with ample growing space are starting to feel the squeeze around this time of year.  More. 

Cafe Thyme2It’s Thyme, finally: Dining at Cafe Thyme has been a weekly affair for Patty Lemon of Gilroy, who has been eating at the restaurant since its opening in July. “The food is incredible. It’s my fourth time,” says Lemon. “The quality of the food is distinctive.” Lemon says the one time she missed was because “the cafe was all booked.” More.

Caring for caregivers: As a staff member of Live Oak Adult Day Services, I help care for many seniors here each day, but I am not a caregiver in my private life. My husband is healthy, my sons are adults, and my parents and grandparents, sadly, are gone now. My dad died quite suddenly in his forties. My mom was just in her sixties, still working, fully independent, and busy as a bee when she suffered a stroke. I remember the dawning realization that I was about to become a caregiver. More.



This week’s San Benito County events include fundraisers, fairs and more. Plus, find out what’s happening in Gilroy. Read.

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