1634hol_SanBenito_Brian Lucas4Cover story: Chain-linked at the hip

Growing up, Myles Lucas vividly remembers watching his dad Brian do projects around the house, learning life lessons along the way. Brian, owner of Off the Chain Bikes in Hollister, formerly worked in the research and development sector testing products for Morgan Hill-based Specialized Bicycle Components. Read



1634hol_circus3Not clowning around

For the past 10 weeks, a classic, red-and-white circus tent has popped up across small towns in California. Inside is Flynn Creek Circus, and from Aug. 25-28th, the troupe is taking over the soccer field at the San Juan School. Flynn Creek counts jugglers and acrobats amongst its performers. Read


Health matters: building leg strength

The best way to stay in shape and achieve tiptop physical condition is to keep from getting hurt. Too many exercise-goers jump head-first into an activity without a proper warm-up to prevent an injury. Shoulder and leg injuries are common, but it doesn’t mean you have to be sidelined with one of those ailments. Read




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