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December 5, 2022

Word merchant

When John Chadwell moved to San Benito County last July, he
brought with him a wealth of experience that he’s eager to share
with his new community.
When John Chadwell moved to San Benito County last July, he brought with him a wealth of experience that he’s eager to share with his new community.

“I consider myself a word merchant,” said Chadwell, owner of Chadwell Communications.

It’s an apt description. He’s been a disk jockey, scriptwriter, speech writer, ghostwriter, editor of three magazines, photographer and Web designer.

“In the Navy I worked on the Internet before it was even called the Internet,” Chadwell said. “That’s when it was still just a group of computers connected together. There were no graphics on it. I’m one of the first people to sign on with AOL.”

Chadwell Communications is devoted to helping promote other businesses, large and small.

“What I have in common with big public relations companies is we have a worldwide reach,” Chadwell said. “We’re strictly local but can reach out and touch the world.”

Chadwell Communications works with established companies hoping to expand their customer base as well as new businesses. Whether a home-based business or one employing hundreds of workers, Chadwell is qualified and interested in giving the best he has to offer.

“The first step is to sit down and brainstorm ways to promote your company or business,” he said. “My goal is to help my clients get the most mileage for the least amount of money. This might be in the form of press releases, newsletters, brochures or a one-page flyer. We can also get involved in holding special events and promotions. Drumming up interest doesn’t have to involve a lot of money.”

In that first meeting, Chadwell said he and a client sit down and figure out what direction to take.

“I’ll get involved in helping expand their business any way I can,” he said. “If someone wants to put an ad in the paper, create a radio spot, advertise on local TV, or design a Web site, Chadwell Communications can help them produce what they need.”

The company can also help individuals produce their own book, video or film script.

“I’m an independent video producer,” Chadwell said. “I’ve done hundreds of videos through the years. I’ve also sold or optioned out several scripts.”

Chadwell has been in the public relations and marketing field for more than 30 years. He got much of his initial training in the Navy and honed it on the civilian market.

During a military career that began in 1964, Chadwell served three tours in Vietnam as a radioman before his discharge in 1968. After five years in civilian life, Chadwell went back into the Navy as a journalist. He had a talent for his chosen career – a talent the Navy soon tapped into.

Within a short time he found himself writing press releases, doing photography and general public relations for 22 Naval branch offices in Oklahoma. After a time the Navy sent Chadwell to a Southern California film school where he learned the art of scriptwriting and became part of a group that referred to themselves as the Elite Combat Camera Group.

Chadwell found himself making videos in such hot spots as Grenada and Panama. The group was also responsible for videos presenting top secret information to the president.

“I think perhaps the biggest event I’ve ever worked on and coordinated was in South America,” said Chadwell. “This included navies from all the countries in South America and over 16,000 of our own troops.”

Chadwell left the Navy in 1989 with an enormous amount of credits under his belt. Since then he has been heavily involved in public relations and marketing. He’s also jumped into his new community, ready to share that knowledge with others.

-For more information or to make an appointment, call 630-0270. E-mail John Chadwell at [email protected] or go to

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