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May 25, 2022

Black Hole Bullet Train

Well of course we understand why those who reap the money from the ill-advised Supermassive Black Hole Bullet Train keep on rolling, churning up work to justify their salaries, etc., but why do local leaders allow the taxpayers to be abused by them? Who do our elected leaders represent, them or us?

In the face of all the evidence against it, why cram an utterly unnecessary monstrosity down our throats? Logic and reason and economics be damned, they are making their millions trying to justify their extravagant waste, more so than the other public sector transit monstrosities that already are carried on the backs of motorists and taxpayers.

The pig cannot fly, yet they think that they can make us pay for it anyhow. If it was a horse, then we would shoot it.

They insist on making California the laughing stock of the nation, and we let them.

Why don’t local leaders stand- up for the taxpayers for a change, and just say no to the promoters of the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Trojan horse? If private sector investors

want to risk their fortunes on a financial disaster, then let them. But our leaders ought

to be ashamed of themselves for allowing this financial transport nightmare to continue to eat

more and more of our tax dollars.

It’s no wonder that one million Californians have fled. How many more will it take before our local leaders wake up and smell the coffee?

There are private sector solutions which would give us more transport for less money. Why don’t we learn from history?

Joseph P. Thompson

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