Have you ever thought about how you could recycle your spoiled food, food scraps, and yard waste at home? Do you want to save money and learn how to turn that material into rich organic compost for your garden?

San Benito County will host a free composting workshop May 24 at Dunne Park, 600 West St. in Hollister. The workshop starts at 6pm. Space is limited, and those interested in attending can reserve a spot by emailing [email protected] or calling 831.636.4110.

Workshop organizers include San Benito County Integrated Waste Management, Recology, Water Resources Association of San Benito County and the Master Composter program. 

Noted Master Composters and worm whisperers Julie Lorenzen and Bridget Matz will teach the May 24 workshop to share their expertise and teach participants everything they need to know about turning organic waste into nutrient rich soil right in your backyard, says a press release from the county.  

Attendees who complete the workshop will receive a free compost bin, courtesy of Recology San Benito County. Shawn Novack, Water Conservation Manager with Water Resources Association of San Benito County, will provide a tour of Dunne Park’s water wise garden. 

“Using compost improves the water dynamics of soil, including water infiltration, percolation and water holding capacity,” Novack said. “This is very helpful locally since our soils have a lot of clay and this makes it hard for water to percolate to the roots. Adding compost can help break up the clay soil.”

The county’s Integrated Waste Manager, Celina Stotler, added, “Composting is a simple and effective way to make a positive environmental impact in our community by reducing organic waste sent to our landfill and simultaneously improving soil health. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their waste, grow their own food, save money or just get in touch with nature.”

The Master Composters teaching the workshop will cover everything from the benefits and basics of composting to the finer points of vermicomposting, says the press release. Attendees will learn how to use and maintain their outdoor compost bin as well as composting best practices, and will be provided with the opportunity to chat with these composting experts. 

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