Election 2008: Five seek three seats on TP water board



Five candidates are running for three opens seats on the Tres Pinos Water District Board. The four candidates that were reached all have varying reasons for running. Two of the candidates are incumbents, one by appointment. The elected incumbent, Greg Alvarado, declined to comment for this story.

Cass Spencer

Spencer, a county employee from Tres Pinos, has been in the community for 30 years and just in the last year became interested in Tres Pinos water issues, she said. Some of her interests in the water district include happenings on the water board and growth issues.

The biggest issue for the Tres Pinos Water District? Spencer believes the biggest issue facing the water district is fire protection, followed by adequate water, low rates with improved resources, along with there being enough water coverage for growth.

Bobby Zaucha

Zaucha, a carpenter from Tres Pinos, said he is concerned about the future of the district in terms of water and sewer services. Zaucha said his main focus is to ensure cost-effective operation of the district. He said he wants to operate on a budget that rate payers can afford.

Jeb Rowen

Rowen, a carpenter, has been a Tres Pinos resident for about four years. His wife’s grandparents were heavily involved in the district and he feels it is his turn to give back to the community, he said. He would like to make sure there is a stable future for the water and sewer systems.

Rowen said his biggest concern is providing an effective water source and making sure everything is running the right way.

Janie Lausten

Lausten, a on and off resident for the past 30 years and an appointed incumbent, said it is important the community stay involved in water issues. She would also like to ensure that there is plenty of water available for fire suppression and there is adequate sewer capacity. As a resident, she has had experience working with the water district.

Lausten’s focus is having adequate storage capacity for fire suppression. She would also like to see a backup well for the district.


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