Every tree has a story

New Baler plaza offers info on new trees


The new Baler Plaza student walkway that connects San Benito High School’s main campus to the south side of campus near Nash Road now features informational signs in front of many of the trees recently planted there.

Kristy Bettencourt, SBHS’ maintenance, operations and transportation manager, said she and construction project manager Rob Zimmerman came up with the idea for the informational signs while brainstorming ways to increase student education about the new additions to campus, since thousands of students pass through the plaza on their way across campus each day.

“We want the Baler Plaza to be a calming and inviting experience when students spend time in the plaza, kind of like a park,” Bettencourt said.

The next area that will receive signs offering information about trees is the area in front of the tennis courts.

“We have transplanted redwood trees in this area and they are doing great,” Bettencourt said. “We will be adding a sign that also shares the scientific names of these trees. I would also like to include informational signage about some of our drought-resistant grasses and plants that the district has planted.”

The informational signs aren’t the only tree-related project underway at SBHS. Looking to create a more beautiful, comfortable and environmentally-responsible campus, San Benito High School has implemented an Adopt-A-Tree program that aims to plant an additional 100 trees this school year.

For $50 per tree, donors will help reduce the 116-acre school’s carbon footprint, while creating more shade for students, faculty and staff. Sponsored trees will include either a name plate or a rock signifying the donor’s name or the name of a business or person in whose honor the tree is being planted. The tree-planting is expected to get underway this spring.


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