Some think that a goose that lays a golden egg actually exists. Others realize that that fairy tale delights children. However adults are supposed to know better—but do we?  

Some seem to think that our precious space in San Benito County should make a profit by selling to the highest bidder so they can make a profit. The truth of the matter is: Healthcare is not a “golden egg” for sale. Healthcare is a service to keep us all alive. The profit we gain is our very lives.

On one hand, the idea of profit works seemingly well for our downtown owners. The idea known as “parklets” were built on San Benito Street to help make local eating profitable and the downtown appear as a fun and interesting place to go and enjoy.

On the other hand, do we want our hospital to make a profit? Who would make a profit and what would be done with profit? Whereas our hospital, from inception, has been for all because of the anguish of a little girl’s death from appendicitis with no healthcare available—a scenario that continues to affect us all. We say, “Never again!”  

A profit mentality seems to be the sickness. To profit from the suffering of others seems inconceivable. Amazingly we have an answer. The County Board of Supervisors found a golden egg. This egg is not Humpty Dumpty and cannot be broken. Furthermore, this egg can finally break the runaway growth we witness.

Impact Fees name this egg. Impact fees can repair and maintain roads, pay for sewer maintenance and expansion, pay for our water plants like Sunnyslope, City of Hollister, and our groundwater system with wells and conservation. Impact fees reverse the golden egg. 

Instead of falling for growers, builders and developers, the golden egg falls to the community for healthcare. Impact fees become a golden opportunity to save our hospital! Thank you, board of supervisors.

Mary Zanger


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