What former San Benito County Supervisor Anthony Botelho did was wrong (“DA will not charge Botelho in case of missing sign,” Nov. 24 Hollister Free Lance) and there should be consequences, and because he is a “spokesperson” for the development company they should also be liable. 

The whole incident is an embarrassment to our county, emphasizing the corruption that allows outside interests to determine our future. I hope voters are paying attention and if our judicial process doesn’t hold them responsible, we must. 

Unfortunately, our current political environment encourages disinformation financed by those not interested in what is best for us, but what is most profitable for them. 

Anthony, personally, I think you have made promises you had no right to and are desperately trying to fulfill those promises. Why else would you do such a disgraceful thing? 

It also seems to me that the direction of our district attorney, Joel Buckingham, is misguided to say the least. Is it not his job to hold individuals and those they represent responsible for wrong doings? It should not be his position to defend Anthony. 

Never once did I hear Anthony claim that he was enforcing the law because of the image of the traffic symbol—that seems to be fabricated by our DA. When did he become the public defender? “Picking up trash,” really Mr. Buckingham? Then you say, “I guess the only thing I would say is that, from a position of wisdom, I would probably not do this myself.” 

Is that supposed to be comforting? I think you should “probably” do your job.

With as much respect as I can muster, 

Bill Hunter  


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