Letter: Covid-19 concerns from a local Scout


My name is Ian Skelton. I live in San Juan Bautista. I just graduated 8th grade and I am now going into my first year of high school. I am writing this letter to you for a requirement in the Communication Merit Badge. I am going to talk about how Covid-19 affects me and how I think the state is doing.

Covid-19 forced me and my family to cancel our vacations that we had planned for the summer. We were going to go on many camping trips and to two different cities. It has forced us to go out only when needed. And for us that limits our walks, and it means we can only go to the store twice a week. 

My scout camps were canceled. We can’t go see family that much and if we do we have to wear a mask and stay six feet from each person. And in order to do that, you need to have a lot of space.

Luckily, my parents didn’t go out of work so we were still making money to pay house bills and food bills. I was homeschooled so I still got a good education without changing the process of how to do classroom work on a computer. I felt this could be a holdup for other students who don’t have good internet access.

I think California is doing a great job in the whole Covid crisis for a number of reasons. We were the first state to close when the coronavirus started. That means that we were one of the first states to see that it is spreading fast. We are enforcing the laws of wearing masks out in public and staying six feet apart from each other. Our governors are also keeping us updated on what is happening in California.

I have a couple concerns. Are schools going to be able to do long distance schooling and still have a good education system for the kids? And if there is a vaccine for the coronavirus will it be at a ridiculous price that not everyone can afford?

Thank you for letting me be able to send you my concerns about our country in this Covid crisis. Thank you for your articles as well; they have helped me with this letter about Covid-19. 

I hope that this country comes back together soon.


Ian Skelton

San Juan Bautista


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