The front page article about the Humane Society of the Central Coast might lead one to believe that there is a huge void in San Benito County for no-kill animal shelters. San Benito County and the Central Coast, in general, have a large number of nonprofit rescues and no-kill shelters, including but not limited to the local 501(c)(3) organizations, Pet Friends & Rescue, All Creatures Great and Small, SHARE Animal Rescue, and Bad Dawgs Rescue. The Central Coast is also supported by the Monterey and Santa Cruz SPCA organizations.

Three Pet Friends’ representatives attended one of the early meetings held by the new Humane Society organization in an effort to better understand their mission, and to clarify that Pet Friends & Rescue is also legally known as the Humane Society of San Benito County. It appears that we (all of the local rescues) have many of the same goals as this new organization.

Pet Friends & Rescue is a local nonprofit organization that began in 1991 and which expanded over the years through the tireless efforts of the local founders, volunteers and animal foster parents. In 1997, Pet Friends & Rescue established a no-kill shelter at 2975 Buena Vista Road. We have developed a true and strong relationship with Hollister Animal Control to rescue dogs and cats and find them permanent placement; the facilities were developed to provide a healthy, safe environment for rescued cats and dogs while waiting for their forever homes.

The Pet Friends mission is, and continues to be, to organize and implement programs designed to educate the community regarding responsible pet ownership, specifically in the areas of animal spay/neuter, and care and adoption. The most recent milestone was the opening of a low-cost Spay and Neuter clinic to support our Spay & Neuter mission. To keep our organization moving forward in the community, we participate in many of the local events and hold several fundraisers. Recognition and support in the community is always at the forefront of our efforts, and we hope that the San Benito county residents will continue their support of Pet Friends & Rescue.

Karen Ingalls, President, Pet Friends

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