Sam, without staff you are no longer able to keep facts straight, and whoever wrote the endorsement of Measure Q for you did you a great disservice. (Replying to “Opinion: Control the future of your county” from the Oct. 21 Free Lance.)

First off, you—as a former Supervisor in Monterey County (1975-1980)—freely criticize the San Benito County  Board on land use decisions in our pristine county. However, we think you have forgotten…you live in Carmel in Monterey County, not Hollister in San Benito County. The view from Hollister is quite a bit different from Carmel, and we have checked—you are not registered to vote in San Benito County. 

Second, Monterey County Regional Waste Management—now ReGen Monterey, also known as the Marina Landfill—has a long history of taking waste from Santa Clara County and now San Benito County. 

What’s more, during your time on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors you allowed housing and golf courses on undisturbed coastal land, as well as traffic-inducing major housing projects all over your county. 

You seem to think your effort to have Pinnacles become a national park is the best thing ever. The facts are that Monterey County received the bulk of the funds with a first-class visitor center, and plans for commercial growth all around the entrance—none of which can happen in San Benito with the passage of Measure Q. 

You say San Benito County should rely on tourism for our economic development, yet under Measure Q a proposed hotel in our winery region would require a vote of the people. Which hotel company is going to risk that? Maybe you can refer the Pebble Beach Lodge Company our way. 

Sam, when you did represent San Benito County in Congress, we could not get you to take a position on anything. Now you seem to think we want to know what you think? 

Sam Farr, it is time for you to truly retire to your home in Carmel and let the leaders and citizens of San Benito County determine our future. 

Signed by current and former San Benito County Supervisors: 

Margie Barrios (2008-2012) 

Anthony Botelho (2004-2020) 

Bea Gonzales (2020-present) 

Mike Graves (1984-1996) 

Mark Medina (2016-2021) 

Reb Monaco (2002-2010) 

Richard Place (1996-2000) 

Bob Tiffany (2020-present)

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