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Voter guides are misleading

Yesterday I found a flyer in my mailbox entitled “Voter Information Guide for Democrats” in bold red ltters. Sen. Feinstein’s picture was on the cover. Opening up the guide I saw a recommendation for a “yes” vote on Measure S. I also read recommendations for “no” votes on Propositions 83, 86, 87 and 89. The Democratic Party has taken no position on Measure S.

The guide’s positions on the propositions also were misrepresentations.

It is unclear who paid for this voter guide, but the Democratic Party did not pay for it.

Nancy Kops

San Benito County Democratic Central Committee

More retirement

Hollister already has a retirement community. Can you guess where it is?

It’s called Ridgemark.

I wonder if any of our elected officials, and anyone else for that matter can determine to what extent Ridgemark pays its own way in the community. Where do the folks located in Ridgemark shop? Where do they get their water, sewage treatment?

What are road maintenance costs, emergency calls, environmental impact, expansion plans, occupancy rates, rental vs. ownership ratio? What shops/businesses were located in Hollister to specifically cater to Ridgemark residents?

How many retired folks are necessary before national chain stores will locate in Hollister? What needs are not being serviced by Ridgemark or property tax revenue to cover bloated school bureaucratic positions and salary levels?

Mark Dickson


Del Webb: Do the math

The last Del Webb – Measure S mailer seriously misleads the public about its effect on sewer rates. The current Del Webb proposal will not pay anything close to their fair share of the sewer impact fees; it is short more than $36 million. The remaining Hollister residents will have to pay to make up that difference and we cannot afford this kind of special deal.

Tuesday, the San Benito County Board of Supervisors gave Del Webb representatives and supporters repeated opportunities to try to explain their complicated proposal for sewer service; they could not do it. The Board later voted 4 to 1 to recommend rejection of Measure S.

The math is simple, each single-family connection fee is $13,502 and each multi-family fee is $9,596. There will be at least 3,634 single-family and 766 multi-family units. For this mix, the minimum sewer impact fees are $56.4 million, but Del Webb does not want to pay it. They want to install their own sewer modules years AFTER we have paid for our plant, and give Hollister a mere $20 million, selling us back sewer capacity instead of paying cash.

To make matters worse, they talked of using a special population-based rate calculation while everyone else in the city pays by dwelling type. Is that fair and do you think you will be able to pay your sewer bill with their sewer modules instead of what they fairly owe? I don’t think so.

Marty Richman


No endorsement from Democrats

It has come to my attention that a letter was recently mailed to registered Democrats in Supervisorial District 4, under a banner that reads “Democrats of San Benito County.” The letter goes on to endorse Reb Monaco.

I would like it understood that this letter was not sent out by the San Benito County Democratic Party. It was sent out by a collection of individuals.

The local Democratic Party has traditionally refrained from endorsing candidates in local, nonpartisan races.

The other candidate for this seat is Tracie Cone.

Jeanie M. Wallace

Chairwoman, San Benito County Democratic Central Committee

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