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September 26, 2022

Next Generation goes out with a fight in ‘Nemesis’

Of the four

Star Trek

movies featuring the

Next Generation


Star Trek: Nemesis

is the best.
But that ain’t sayin’ much.
Of the four “Star Trek” movies featuring the “Next Generation” cast, “Star Trek: Nemesis,” currently playing at Premiere Cinemas, is the best.

But that ain’t sayin’ much.

Although this installment of the popular science-fiction franchise offers much more action and adventure than its predecessors,

the one-hour and 56-minute movie still lacks the spark that originally made it a hit with legions of fans in the ’60s and through the end of the 20th century.

To put it simply, the characters are not compelling or even interesting.

Patrick Stewart, a classically trained actor, does his best to raise this movie above the level of its poorly written script.

The movie just feels stale and formulaic.The crew, which has been together for the better part of 15 years, does not click.

I hate comparing “Next Generation” characters to the cast from the original series, but I think one of the things that made the original cast so successful across the board was, despite William Shatner’s incessant overacting, they were fun, and the relationship between them raised the level of the show above the often-corny dialogue and special effects. That cast would have been fun to watch even if they were clerks in a grocery store.

The stale plot of “Nemesis” revolves around an uprising within the Romulan Empire. The home planet of the Empire is on Romulus, but a lower class of Romulans live on the twin planet of Remus and they plot a violent overthrow of the empire with the use of an extremely deadly type of radiation.

After wiping out the Romulan government, the upstart Remans – who resemble a bunch of rejects from a filming of “Nosferatu” or some other vampire movie – set up an elaborate trap to capture the Enterprise – particularly Captain Picard, who has a very personal connection to the renegade Reman leader.

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