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February 25, 2024

400 block deserves better

The City of Hollister should go back to the drawing board on the 400 block. The proposed deal has way too many problems and is too polarizing because it wasn’t handled the right way. An appraisal was hidden from the public, allowing the land to...

Community Board: Marlow case underscores flaws in bill

Due to a new state law that is far too broad in nature, one of Hollister’s most notorious criminals has a chance for freedom in April.

San Benito County leaders silent on Dabo

The facts are not in dispute. At the close of a 90-minute trial in San Benito County Superior Court on Nov. 13, Judge Marjorie L. Carter ruled in favor of the Community Foundation for San Benito County, affirming the facts as presented: Mitchell Dabo, owner...


The last couple weeks have felt like a dream. It all started in Tres Pinos when Confederate and Union soldiers in full regalia—rifles drawn—battled among the 19th century clapboard houses at San Benito County Historical Park. Then on Saturday an assortment of explorers, fair...

Me Too

The recent blockbuster allegations of sexual misconduct by mega Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has spawned a new social media movement as people use the hashtag “MeToo” to highlight their own experiences with sexual harassment and exploitation. My own Facebook feed is dotted with “MeToo” posts...

Question of the week 11/3/17

Open enrollment for health care coverage through Covered California starts on Nov. 1. On Capitol Hill there is constant talk of repealing the Affordable Care Act, which could result in millions of people losing their coverage. While in California there is a move towards...

To tweet or not to tweet

It has been interesting to follow recent political discussions surrounding President Trump’s use of Twitter. Over the last week, the President has used the social media platform to call out the Mayor of Puerto Rico over her criticism of the federal government’s response to...

Editorial: Botelho loses sense of objectivity on El Rancho San Benito

It was far too premature of Supervisor Anthony Botelho to wholly dismiss a housing project at El Rancho San Benito before a prospective proposal even hits the table and before a shred of detail is revealed to the public.

Why should we care?

Why should we care? Why should we care about any further investigation of the money that disappeared from the Tony and Barbara Matulich Charitable Trust? After all, the farming couple that established the trust died in 2002 and 2012. It wasn’t like the money...

Resist the parade nonsense

Showy military displays go back millennia, to ancient Egypt and Greece and beyond. Yet, the U.S. has no consistent tradition of big military parades, especially since the Second World War. Why is that? Ask any senior officer. She or he will explain that it’s because...