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May 27, 2024

Talk Shop: DACA and Immigration

The newspaper of Hollister, San Juan Bautista and San Benito County, California
It is not unusual for my nine-year-old daughter and I to talk politics. Even so, I was surprised when last Sunday, while sitting at the kitchen table, Lola asked, “So, what is going on with immigration?” The NPR evening news program played on low volume and...

Dabo departure is long overdue

Mitchell Dabo is leaving the San Benito County Board of Education. At least he said three weeks ago that he would. The sooner the better. He could have announced his plans to resign when he told us last week that he would not seek to...

The Green Rush

The tables were filled with cannabis-infused edibles, from granola chunks to dark chocolate bites. A nearby booth had flavored cannabis milk dished out in small plastic cups, the enthusiastic pitchman warning of the potency of the blackberry-scented drink. Then there were the topicals—thick lotions...

Holiday giving

Family parties, work mixers, Santa Claus—the holiday season is here. Hollister and San Juan Bautista started the festivities with night-time parades, where residents came out in droves to watch their friends, family and neighbors wave from lit up floats, trailers or classic cars, steaming...

Two propositions to consider on Nov. 5

Vote yes on Propositions 46 and 47

Brown v. Brown

Governor Jerry Brown is no relation to the late Assemblyman Ralph Brown, for whom the Ralph M. Brown Act—which since 1953 as guaranteed the public’s right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies in California—was named. The governor is increasingly no friend...

California has key role in agriculture issues

Sonny Perdue is a veterinarian, and a former governor of Georgia. He also is the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. He spent one day in the nation’s biggest agricultural state last week—California—presumably to show that the Trump Administration cares about and understands our state’s critical...

Keep the Williamson Act, with upgrades

The Williamson Act

CA personal tax rates rank low

One prevailing stereotype of Californians—shared by state residents as well as red-state politicians and the Trump Administration—is that we pay higher taxes than anyone else in the country. A national consumer website, WalletHub, this month has released its 2018 Taxpayer Survey, as well as its...

Community Insight: Anzar migration deserves more attention

Anzar High School has displayed enormous success as it pertains to students going to college. Like any other school environment, though, it isn’t free of challenges.