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July 20, 2024

Free Lance Editorial: SBHS should take its time on expansion

At some point, the San Benito High School District must expand and build a second campus. That some point, however, is nowhere near the radar in a county where residents are primarily concerned about getting by in the short term rather than betting the farm on the future.

Letter: Aquatics rep dives in on pool issue

I would like to provide some additional information to the school board meeting agenda item relating to the need for a new pool. I have been working with a group of parents to provide a solution to replace the only public aquatic facility in the county.  

Our family’s dream lives on

A family dream is only that until someone takes notice and acts

Right place when help is needed

Dear Editor:

Thanks Dorothy McNett for your contributions

My husband and I would like to thank Dorothy McNett for her

Work Ahead, but the 2007 Rally Layout Offered Benefits

Whenever I attend any event small or large, I analyze the layout, flow and dissect every part of the event. My staff and I discuss things that we might do different as well as pick up ideas on how to improve shows we are already producing.

Free Lance Editorial: Adviser’s hiring underscores HSD’s fiscal ineptitude

The Hollister School District's request for a class-size waiver and  extension of a contract for an optional fiscal adviser - who acts as  a five-figure “final set of eyes” - underscore a cultural acceptance  of fiscal irresponsibility.

Some issues with casino coverage

Just a couple of comments on the story reporting on the casino

Quote of the Week


Divine intervention in local politics and the DMV

Thank God for some return to normalcy amongst local politics! I