Lilly Matthews competes in the Barrel Race at the San Benito County Rodeo and Saddle Horse Show, which took place June 28-30 at the fairgrounds in Tres Pino. Photo: Chris Mora

The 90th San Benito County Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo treated crowds to traditional competition events, performances, exhibitions, demonstrations and vendors at the fairgrounds in Tres Pinos June 28-30. 

Participants from youth to seniors competed in barrel racing, bronc riding, bull riding, calf roping, mutton busting and more. Spectators were treated to western tack vendors, wine and beer tasting, live music and kids’ activities. 

Saturday, June 29, featured a special needs rodeo. On June 30 was Spanish Heritage Day at the rodeo. 

The 2024 rodeo’s overall champions are Westyn Wiersma in Jr. Arena; Kodi Fowles in Jr. Track; Billy J. Aviles in Sr. Arena; and Billy Martin in Sr. Track, according to the rodeo’s website.Β 

Chance Frost competes in bronc riding at the 90th San Benito County Rodeo and Saddle Horse Show. Photo: Chris Mora
A youngster competes in Mutton Busting at the San Benito County Rodeo and Saddle Horse Show, which took place June 28-30 at the fairgrounds in Tres Pinos. Photo: Chris Mora
Travis Armstrong rides Cheap during the bull riding competition at the local rodeo, which took place June 28-30 in Tres Pinos. Photo: Chris Mora
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