The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office has launched Axon’s engagement platform, My90, as part of  an ongoing commitment to serving the public with “modern and compassionate policing,” says a press release from the sheriff’s office. 

My90 is a tool used to engage the public, collect feedback and improve outcomes following service calls. Community members use My90 to provide input while maintaining their privacy. Agencies use My90 to better understand the impact they are having within their communities, from what is working well to what needs  extra attention, says the press release.  

“We are proud of our new partnership with Axon and are confident this feature will enhance our connection with  the community we serve,” Sheriff Eric Taylor said. “Transparency and accountability are part of the foundation we have built here. Professional standards are key to making our office better.”

Axon’s Vice President and General Manager of My90, Kona Shen, added, “We are excited to be supporting San Benito County SO’s mission to serve the public with smart, modern, and  compassionate policing. We know that this type of feedback can  build trust, strengthen relationships, and improve safety and we admire San Benito County SO’s commitment to  using this feedback to serve their community.”  

Axon produces and sells numerous products for the law enforcement and security industries, including tasers, body cameras, software and other equipment. 

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