Work together for results


When I ran for election for mayor, I never had a chance to speak my opinion. I want to address the people about our city growth. They did not think clearly when making all these deals. All it seemed was continuously okaying these houses to be built. To them it means money, money, money. They did not consider how all this would affect our small town—which is no longer a small town. They keep saying affordable housing to make it sound appropriate. But yet, we still have so many people in our community who cannot afford to live in these homes. It’s a joke and another scam to make the city officials look good and make a dollar off of the taxpayers.

The point is, Yes, I understand growth is a good thing. But not when it’s making living conditions worse. I have to agree with probably 80 percent of Hollister, that the commute gets more dreadful every day. You’re going to push people out of Hollister before you even get a chance to fill all these new homes. My point would be,    “Know when to stop!” Know when to say enough is enough, and be satisfied. Fix what you already have. Fix the roads and get Hollister livable and enjoyable again.

I understand things take time. But stop adding before we finish all these other projects. Our city officials need to be more organized and stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Another thing. I’ve said it time and time again: Growth starts from within. So stop hiring out-of-town companies and get our (in-home) businesses and companies involved—give them the opportunity to help grow the community they live in. We all make this city as a whole, we are all a part of it and we need each other to make it function properly. Let’s find a common ground and get things in order.I mean, a $3 million park? Is that really necessary? There’s so much more that I didn’t even touch on, the schools, the hospital. Let’s start finding solutions to all these issues, show results, start budgeting better and get this show on the road. Literally! God bless you all.                                                                                       Keith Snow


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