Students and staff of Hollister’s Accelerated Achievement Academy showed improvements on their 2023 state test scores. Contributed photo

With 99% of state results tabulated, Hollister School District’s Accelerated Achievement Academy has shown double-digit improvements in its 2023 state-sanctioned performance scores. 

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) exam is the state’s and federal government’s top measurement of student achievement, says a press release from AAA. The CAASPP System is designed to give information to teachers, students and their families about what students know and are able to do. 

It also indicates whether students are on track to be ready for success in college or career when they graduate from high school.  

“CAASPP results are the best measure we have to gauge student achievement and evaluate how well we did as a school,” says the press release. “Traditionally, AAA is a top 100 state school leader in achievement scores and we are happy to share that we did exceptionally well in 2023.”

Overall, AAA’s English Language Arts scores grew 10 percentage points in the CAASPP results. Math grew 12 percentage points at AAA. Campus-wide, AAA students are 85% Advanced or Proficient in ELA, and 80% Advanced or Proficient in Math, says the press release.

The school is “rapidly closing the gap between its pre- and post-pandemic CAASPP achievement scores,” the press release adds. AAA’s growth and performance exceed state and national performance in closing the learning gaps caused by the pandemic’s educational disruption.

By grade level, AAA’s cohort percentage of advanced and proficient scores are:

– 8th grade: ELA 78% in 2022, up to 89% in 2023; Math 61% in 2022, up to 80% in 2023. 

– 7th grade: ELA 80% in 2022, up to 85% in 2023; Math 60% in 2022, up to 64% in 2023.

– 6th grade: ELA 84% in 2022, up to 85% in 2023; Math 76% in 2022, up to 89% in 2023.

– 5th grade: ELA 66% in 2022, up to 90% in 2023; Math 77% in 2022, up to 89% in 2023. 

AAA is a National Blue Ribbon School for grades 4-8 that all students in Hollister can apply to attend. The school has embraced Project Based Learning (PBL) and daily pushes students for “deeper and more complex understandings of the world and their place in it,” says the press release. 

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