Vote for Reb Monaco For District 4 Supervisor
Vote for Reb Monaco For District 4 Supervisor


Election time is coming again and as a retired rancher it has always been important to me to look to people who understand San Benito County. That person is Reb Monaco for District 4 Supervisor. As a retired teacher and father of two he knows and understands what is important to and for our children. The new park advisory board that Reb promoted is just another example of his commitment. As an organic farmer he understands the perils of farming and ranching.

Reb knows the importance of volunteering and giving of oneself. He serves as a director for the San Benito County Horse Association. He donates blood at the American Red Cross blood drives. He knows the importance of home and family and has served as a volunteer fireman. He is docent at the state park in San Juan Bautista on the first Saturday of each month, teaching all who is interested in the history of blacksmithing.

If you are looking for someone who cares about San Benito County look to Reb Monaco and vote on Nov. 7 for Reb.

Irene Silva


Vote for Tracie Cone For District 4 Supervisor


Election time is right around the corner and as always we are all being flooded with phone calls, all types of brochures, etc. Sometimes it becomes quite confusing and at times some citizens just do not vote because of those facts. My personal position is if you do not vote, please do not complain if the wrong people get elected and things do not get done as you feel they should. The future of our county and community depends on those that do get elected. I worked in county government for 31 years and feel qualified in making the above statements.

That being said, what I have learned is that politicians in many instances tell you what they feel you want to hear, that not necessarily being their personal position. Once elected then they do their own thing and that not necessarily being what they had told you or what you expected.

Talking all these thoughts into consideration I am strongly supporting Tracie Cone for supervisor of our district.

In my conversations with her I feel that she is an individual thinker and her past history convinced me of that. We need someone like that and not just someone who will go with the flow. Join me and elect Tracie Cone for supervisor of our district. Thank You.

Leonard F. Gomes


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