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July 12, 2024

Deal reached in pollution case

A New Idria property owner agreed to a plea bargain for five

Santa Clara County gets a C-minus in youth safety

Santa Clara County children age 10 to 17 have some of the

Beware of overdue court fines

Anyone who has overdue court fines will want to pay them soon

Defendants want own trials

One of the area's biggest murder trials in years will likely be

Effort to recoup court fines

Anyone with overdue court fines is being advised to take

Store clerk airlifted to SJ after stabbing

A 7-11 store employee was reported in unstable condition and

D.A. brings charges against Johnson

Following weeks of investigation, review and a little bit of

Gilroy murder-for-hire case postponed to Nov. 18

A Superior Court judge last week pushed the Nov. 4 trial of four

Arrest made after car chase

It took a the efforts of three law enforcement agencies to

Murder-for-hire begins to unfold

It may sound like a Hollywood tale, but this is a local story,