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January 27, 2022

Letters: Immigrants are essential

Immigrants are essential The Statue of Liberty has been welcoming immigrants for many years. In CA our economy and way of living depend on field workers many of whom are immigrants.  Our culture has been enriched by the new foods, music, art and life experiences of...

Fight for victims’ rights, not criminals

I am writing this letter concerning our District Attorney John

Letter: Stay joyful this holiday season

During this holiday season I have observed that many people have allowed the whole Covid virus, and mostly the response to the virus, to steal their joy. In whatever form you choose to celebrate the holiday season you most certainly have the right to...

Letters: Reopen schools; vaccine myths

Reopen schools now The time for talking is over, THE SCHOOLS IN CALIFORNIA NEED TO BE REOPENED IMMEDIATELY! San Benito County has an interesting record in terms of schools. Many rural schools in San Benito County have been open for in person instruction since August,...

Letter: Let’s work together to vaccinate the world

Will another Dr. Jonas Salk bring an end to this Covid pandemic? Have people not known or have forgotten what living in a polio epidemic was like? Let me remind you. A lifetime of paralysis, iron lung living or death were proximate outcomes for...

Letter: Abolish the COG

Motorists are paying more than 102% of the cost of highway construction and maintenance with our gas taxes. Meanwhile, transit riders are paying only about 1% of all costs, fixed, capital and operational of their transit rides. Most bus seats are transported empty in SBC,...

Letters: Candidate endorsements

Kollin Kosmicki I’m endorsing Kollin Kosmicki for District 2 supervisor because he has real plans for progress for San Benito County, plans that don’t rely on unsightly developments along the HWY 101 corridor near Aromas. Kollin Kosmicki understands that supervisors are supposed to represent the...

Resist the parade nonsense

Showy military displays go back millennia, to ancient Egypt and Greece and beyond. Yet, the U.S. has no consistent tradition of big military parades, especially since the Second World War. Why is that? Ask any senior officer. She or he will explain that it’s because...

Republican party not involved in recent protests

Recently in San Benito County some well known Republicans have

Letter to the editor: Answering the mayor’s lies

Ignacio Velazquez’s screed responding to the Notice of Intention to Recall him from the Mayor’s office in Hollister opens with a lie and closes with a lie. Of course, this is to be expected from a mayor who apparently doesn’t know the difference between...