Caltrans, Waste Solutions and the county held a free recycling event at John Smith Road Landfill Jan. 29, 2022. File photo.

Residents of San Benito County who need to dispose of storm debris can do so at a free event Jan. 29 at John Smith Road Landfill. 

The free disposal day is sponsored by the county’s Integrated Waste Management Regional Agency. It will take place from 9am-3pm, at the landfill located at 2650 John Smith Road in Hollister. 

To assist local residents with debris management from the January storms, county and landfill staff will be on site to accept residential storm debris at no charge for those who reside in San Benito County, says a press release from county staff. 

San Benito County Public Information Officer Monica Leon said, “We may anticipate additional debris and impacts from future storms and high winds in the coming months, but for now the Integrated Waste Management Regional Agency is offering a convenient and free opportunity to dispose of any non-hazardous debris that was a result from the recent storms.”

During the free one-day event, residents will be limited to the disposal of one pickup load of residential storm debris per household, says the press release. Proof of San Benito County residency is required. 

Eligible items include: damaged furniture, damaged household appliances, non-treated wood waste, fallen trees, roofing, concrete and carpet. Other items not listed may be eligible. Contact Integrated Waste Management for confirmation.

Ineligible items include non-storm disaster debris, treated wood waste, household hazardous waste and business waste. 

For event inquiries, call Integrated Waste Management at 831.636.4110 or email [email protected]

Safe handling of storm debris

The County of San Benito reminds residents that proper management of storm debris is important to ensure the protection of human health, safety and the environment. 

“Debris piles can be dangerous and residents should take extreme caution when cleaning and removing debris from their property,” said Steve Loupe, County Public Works Administrator.

In areas of flood, residents are urged to exercise caution when cleaning up debris. If possible, it is advised to wait until the area has dried to avoid accidents, according to county staff. 

Debris should be placed away from trees, poles or structures, including fire hydrants and meters. All water damaged materials should be removed from the home, as well as from roadways and driveway entries. 

For easier disposal and recycling, it is advised to separate debris into categories such as:

– Electronics, including computers, computer monitors, TVs, phones and laptops. 

– Large appliances including refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves or dishwashers. Be sure to seal or secure the doors so that they are not accessible, county staff advised.

– Hazardous waste such as oil, batteries, pesticides, paint or cleaning supplies.

Hazardous waste can be taken to the monthly household hazardous waste collection event, every third Saturday of the month at John Smith Road Landfill, from 9am to 12pm.

– Household garbage, recyclables and organics such as discarded food or wet soiled paper and cardboard boxes, can be taken care of in the normal method collected by Recology.

– Green waste and vegetative debris such as tree branches, leaves or plants. Clean green waste can be placed in green Recology organics bins for composting.

– Construction debris such as building materials, carpeting, furniture and mattresses.

Properly secure and tarp all cargo loads prior to driving. Transporting unsecured loads is unsafe, illegal and pollutes our roads and waterways, says the press release. Loads that are not tied down/secured by tarps/nets are subject to fines. 

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