San Benito County Public Health Services COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Portal is now live. Photos: screenshot

San Benito County Public Health Services officials announced that the Covid-19 Vaccine Interest Portal is now live for San Benito County residents who fall under tiers 1 and 2 of the Phase 1B stage. 

The county on Jan. 14 issued a press release stating that county residents who qualify can complete the interest form on the internet. 

The first tier, Tier 1, is prioritized for individuals 65 years old and above. Others on the list include those at risk of exposure at work in education, childcare, emergency services and food and agriculture. 

Tier 2 is for those at risk of exposure at work in transportation and logistics, industrial, commercial, residential and sheltering facilities and services, manufacturing and in congregate settings with outbreak risk such as those who are incarcerated and the homeless population. 

Public Health Services will notify those who filled out the form about where they may receive a vaccination as the phase and tiers progress, county officials said.  

The county stresses that this is not a vaccination appointment system but a tool to eventually schedule a vaccination appointment down the road. They also said that Covid-19 vaccines are allocated from the California Department of Public Health. 

“All counties, including San  Benito, are allocated a limited supply of vaccine at this time due to manufacturer limitations. It is uncertain from week to week how much vaccine will be made available to the county,” the press release stated. 

The Vaccination Interest Portal can be found at: The portal is available in multiple languages and those without access to the internet or a smartphone should contact 831.636.4113 for assistance. Additional local Covid-19 information can be found at

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