The new West Hills Water Treatment Plant, off Union Road by the San Justo Reservoir, began operation on September 12. 2017 file photo.
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A vehicle accident over the weekend disrupted electrical power to the West Hills Water Treatment Plant, but authorities say there will be no major impact on water service. 

The crash occurred Nov. 5 on Union Road in Hollister when a vehicle collided with a utility pole near the water plant, according to Shawn Novack of the San Benito County Water District. 

Water officials said the collision resulted in power fluctuations at the West Hills plant, resulting in problems at the surface water treatment facility. It will be “some time before the plant can go back online,” officials said in a press release. 

In the meantime, the Lessalt Water Treatment Plant will ramp up its treatment and deliveries of water, the water district said. That plant, located at Sunnyslope and Fairview roads, already serves the Hollister Urban Area. 

Water managers said they will redirect surface water from San Justo Reservoir to the Lessalt plant for treatment.  

Residents may notice a difference in the water quality while this redirection occurs, officials said. However, this will not affect water deliveries and water agencies don’t anticipate any disruption of service.

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